HalfTime v1.0.1 (VST, AU)

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Cableguys HalfTime (ESD); effect plugin; simple to us and effective half-speed effect for audio tracks; Fade In/Out across up to 16 bars; 3 speed modes: 1.5x, 2x, 4x; Band Split enables frequency dependend effect; Band Solo allows to play back the choosen frequency range only; Loop Length can be set from 1/16 up to 8 bars; Smooth preserves transient punch with Percussive mode, and avoid clicks and pops on sustained material with Sustain mode; adjustable Dry/Wet Mix; supported formats: VST2 / AU; system requirements: Win7 (32/64 bit) min., Mac OSX 10.8 min., 2 GHz CPU, internet connection