Cxdy Space Cadet Drum Kit WAV
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204 Sounds Total

17 808’s
22 Claps
15 FX’s
19 Hi Hats
16 Kicks
15 Open Hats
16 Perc Loops
25 Percs
16 Rims
21 Snares
8 Transition FX’s
7 Vinyl Static FX’s
7 Original Composition Loops

I really hope you guys enjoy this kit. I put countless hours into it. I created this kit with the goal of giving you all the tools you needed to create placement worthy tracks. I hand crafted every sound by blended well known sounds in my music with unique sounds and took hours to edit and add effects to each sound to give them a very crisp and aesthetic feel. I would say I hope you guys find use with this kit but I already know you will