Native Instruments Kontakt 6 v6.1.0 STANDALONE, VSTi, AAX x86 x64
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Classic installation:
1. Install Contact (Kontakt 6.1.0 Setup PC.exe)
2. Install the "improvements" (Kontakt_patch_installer_6_1_0.exe). The patch raises the status of Contact with DEMO / Player to Full with additional features.
If Kontakt 6 is already installed, just install the patch.
Kontakt 6.0.2 / 6.0.3 / 6.0.4 NO INSTALL Update:
Replace the executable files of the format you use and the bitness (Kontakt.exe, Kontakt.dll, Kontakt.aaxplugin) from the patch folder.

With KONTAKT 6, you can sound like a snare drum, a symphony orchestra, or anything in between, from a universe of sampled instruments. It’s a simple sampler when you want it to be, and a deep sonic scripting laboratory when you need something more. The next generation of the world’s favorite sampling platform gives you new instruments and new features under the hood – so you can layer, link, stretch, and shape your sounds any way you can imagine.

What's new?

Over two decades, KONTAKT has become a highly-developed engine for creating and playing sampled instruments. KONTAKT 6 offers more for players and builders alike:

Introducing KONTAKT Play Series: Three new instruments for the KONTAKT library, offering pristine, contemporary sound in a creative and streamlined interface

Wavetable synthesis module: Build hybrid instruments for entirely new sounds

Enhanced effects: Even more effects for your creations, for greater expression and realism

Creator Tools: New standalone application dedicated to improving the library creation and editing process.